Laughing Gull

A young Laughing Gull

Laughing Gull


2 thoughts on “Laughing Gull

  1. Is this a regular Atlantic seagull? If so, it’s kind of funny because I love this photo but I can’t stand seagulls. I live in Charleston SC where there are numerous beaches & the slang for them around here is “rats with wings”, because you can’t leave 1 bread crumb around without 15 of them showing up in seconds, harassing you for food…ugh. Anyway, you photographed it in a way that made it look majestic & awe-inspiring with the beautiful wings & feather detail, instead of a beach rodent. You’re very talented & I love your photos!


  2. Thank you, Kathrm for stopping by and commenting.
    This particular gull is only around here here in late winter and mid to late summer, at least from our sightings. “Rats with wings” (lol) is exactly what we used to call most of them here too as their behavior is similar in Ft. Lauderdale as to your area. For the most part, at least for us, they are well behaved and really do not bother you unless you are purposely luring them in.


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